Friday, August 23, 2019

Contemporary Global Marketing ( International Marketing Opportunity Essay

Contemporary Global Marketing ( International Marketing Opportunity Planning Group ) - Essay Example From Jurlique's farm to your skin, the biodynamic practices that used on their farms help create the beauty on your skin. The biodynamic blends that are applied with extreme care and precision to Jurlique's soil and plants lead to greater effectiveness in all of Jurlique skin care products. Jurlique's soil is fertile and their farms are based on a natural cycle of renewal to help keep your skin replenished and alive. Since 1985, Jurlique's biodynamic farming methods have been rooted in their belief in the relationship between health, beauty, the earth and all living things. Jurlique strived to create products that sustain both of restoring and maintaining healthy skin. 2.2 Situation Jurlique innovation Jurlique's mission is to be the global leader and innovator in biodynamic and organic skin care. Today each harvest is still tended with the same care and detailed focus that began on a farm in South Australia over twenty years ago. Jurlique continues to lead the industry and strives t o development of high-performance skin care. As Jurlique’s company continue to lead the industry, the company strives to produce the most effective skin care while meeting the changing of the customer. 3. Issue and Problem 4. Analysis 4.1 Environment Analysis The environment analysis of a business corporation can be done on the basis of the strategic tool PESTEL. The PESTEL stands for the acronym for political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal which are the factors upon which the firm’s external environment would be analyzed. The country chosen for the analysis is United Kingdom where the company focuses to export huge volumes of its natural products. Political Factors The government of United Kingdom is found to render holistic support for the growth of trade of Jurlique skin care products and beauty spas owing to the cause that the products increase the consciousness of protecting the natural environment. This fact helps the business corporati on to gain large amount of support from the government to carry out its expansion drives in competition to another key player Body Shop (Ammenheuser, 2011). Economic Factors It is found that owing to the reasonable price standards of Jurlique skin care products it is highly appreciated by the economy of Australia. The Australian economy truly appreciates the long bonding relationship that it has framed with the reasonably priced and high quality products of the cosmetic company. Thus more number of stores and beauty clinics are coming up in the region for its high social acceptance (Jurlique, 2011). Social Factors Jurlique skin care products earn a high amount of social acceptance for being able to satisfy the necessities of different demographic profiles pertaining to income and age levels. It is found that the herbal cosmetic company tends to produce different products for different age groups of people belonging to either gender and also for kids. Further the company to catch inc reasing consumer consciousness endeavors to produce large number of variants at different price ranges. Still the company to get a larger space in the consumer market need to gain a more favorable social image so as to enhance its brand value in regards to its competitors (Naturisimo, 2011). Technological Factors Jurlique skin care products fully depend on herbal technology for the preparation of different skin care body lotions

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